About Rainbows In Hartford

I didn’t realize until this last year, I’m one of those writers who uses the the process of putting words on paper to deal with past traumas.

I penned the second book in this series first as a stand alone. The working title was Ellie’s Magic Dress.

Because I had released my first work The Stranger, and it didn’t really gain traction, it became obvious to me I would have to roll my sleeves up and do a little research on indie book marketing.

I felt a bit frustrated as the predominant opinion was that books in a series are easier to promote.

With grit and gumption, I further rolled up my sleeves, and penned what I thought would be a quick little novella, to compliment a series for Ellie. I was so very wrong.

There was nothing quick or simple about the story of Ayame.

As it turns out, it was during the writing of Ayame, I had an epiphany. I always thought I was inspired to write Lesbian love stories. While both these books, and all other books in this series, will always feature a love story, it will not be the focus.

Between the year of 2018-2019 I went through a major transformation because of many events, that have helped me face and overcome the past abuse and traumas I have faced over the course of my life.

I didn’t mean to write my own stories, but that’s what came out in the fictional adventures of my characters.

Both Ayame and Ellie are deeply personal. Yet, I strove to write a story that would be emotionally gripping, and yet entertaining. All my stories in this series are set in a magical alternate reality of Hartford Connecticut. Strange magical things happen that bolster them to have courage and overcome the problems they face.

It is my hope these stories will inspire others who have gone through similar situations, to take heart, and believe in yourself. You can! No matter what you’ve been told – you matter!

Ayame - Book 1 - Rainbows In Hartford

post blurb here – look up the book blurb written by the Fiverr guy and post here.

Because of how passionate I’ve become about raising awareness about the toxicity religions incur through conversion therapy against LGBT individuals this book will always be free. Granted, yes, this is a part of my marketing to help expose people to my writing, but even when I reach a point where I would no longer need to offer this book for free to expose people to my writing, I will forever keep this book as a free download to everyone. I feel that passionate about getting this into the hands of as many people who are willing to read it, as I can.

Ellie - Book 2 - Rainbows In Hartford

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