The Guard by Harri Aburrow-Newman

    An Interview With The Author

    • For those out there who are not familiar with you and your work, tell us a little bit about what genre you write, and what your debut novel is about?

    I mostly write urban fantasy or fantasy, although I am also working on a more literary novel, and my fiction always has something queer about it! The Guard is about a world overrun by feral vampires… Beth and Ysabel are true vampires (think queer, kickass anti heroes) who are forced to team up with the human military in an attempt to save both their fractured societies. It is (I hope!) a new twist on the vampire genre.

    • What inspired you to write The Guard? How long did it take you to write it?

    The Guard started life as a short story, written about ten years ago. I decided to start it because I couldn’t find a vampire book that I wanted to read… I wrote several of these short stories, playing with the world and the characters, before I finally decided to turn them into a book. I think in its final form, it took about five years to finish! This was largely due to it being interrupted by university and work. Now I’m writing full time, the next installment is coming along much quicker!

    • Have you always known you’ve wanted to be a writer/author, or is this something of a recent development in your life?

    I’ve always adored art and literature, and have been writing stories since I was a child. I was very good at science though, which seemed like the more sensible career option, so for most of my life I focused on that. It has only been in the last few years that I’ve been brave enough to turn my attentions full time to what I really love, which is writing.

    • From one author to another, I know stories can often take on a life of their own and surprise us that they went in a completely different direction. What was one of the most surprising things you learned about your story when you were writing The Guard?

    I think I was most surprised by, as you say, the way it took on a life of its own! The characters are like living beings in my head now… I don’t have to think about how they will react or what they will say, because they tell me. The story shoots off sometimes in directions that I didn’t expect or plan for, as if the characters are directing me. The Guard was initially only supposed to be a novella, but now it’s stretched to three full length novels. It amazes me how much I’ve come to care for some figments of my imagination!

    • Give a sneak peak into your next book that will be released after The Guard.

    The next book I release is going to be a prequel to The Guard. I wanted to give more of an insight into the vampires’ world, Beth’s life as a human, and her relationship with Ysabel, before diving back into the warzone of The Guard for the sequel. You will also learn much more about Ysabel herself, as well as one of the protagonists of the sequel, who is yet to be introduced.

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    Mary's Quick Review of The Guard

    I met Aburrow-Newman on Instagram a few months ago and was drawn to this unique and fascinating, yet minimalistic cover.

    I started reading it and was instantly sucked in! I’m a bit of a slow reader. A good book will usually take me a week, but it only took me a few days to finish The Guard. I was completely captivated.

    I absolutely loved Glen and Ysabel. They are two supporting characters providing wisdom and comic relief. Beth and Michael are good solid main characters, but as such, they are going through growth arcs. There are times you want to strangle them both! But isn’t that what a great MC should invoke in a reader? I feel most indie-authors can miss the mark in creating distinct and separate voices and imagery for their characters, yet this is not the case at all with Aburrow-Newman’s characters in The Guard!

    The plot was solid. I was riveted by what would happen next, and the world building was awesome! I loved the concept of primal savage vampires battling it out with civilized kick ass ones, and humans thrown right in the middle for good measure.

    Thank you Aburrow-Newman for giving me this opportunity to interview you. It was truly a pleasure! And please get crackin’ on that second book! I can’t wait to read it!

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    Synopsis From Amazon

    Humanity lies on the brink of disaster, but hidden in the shadows, another society’s plight is even more desperate.

    Beth and Ysabel are ageless, powerful, and losing hope. After waging war for over a century against the feral vampires stalking the land, the tide has turned against them.

    Their only chance to save their people is an unlikely alliance with an ancient enemy – humans.

    Captain Michael Beck is reeling from the fall out of a disastrous battle. Broken and unsure, he is called back to his duty and asked to do the impossible; lead a single unit of elite soldiers against a seemingly endless hoard of immortal foes.

    His only help – an advisor who isn’t what she seems.

    When the lines between enemy and ally are blurred, and the stakes become ever higher, how can they know which threats are real?

    If you buy a copy now, you’ll snag 20 ENTRIES in my,

    “You Pick – I Pick” Giveaway, going on right now! – CLICK HERE TO ENTER!

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