Simon vs The Homosapien’s Agenda by Becky Albertalli

Rose Rating – 4 roses

Maturity Level – 14+

Genre – Contemporary LGBTQ YA

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Simon is a junior in high school who has a few big secrets.

One he’s gay, and two his anonymous online classmate ‘Blue’ is the only one who is holding his secret. That is until another classmate, Martin uses the computer in the lab right after Simon, and finds his secret email exchanges between Simon and ‘Blue’. Martin decides this is a prime opportunity to ‘persuade’ Simon that if he doesn’t help Martin hook up with Simon’s really hot friend – Abby, he’s going to tell the whole school that Simon is gay.

As the challenges pile up, Simon realizes that this is a secret he can’t hold onto for very long. He quickly realizes that he might very well be falling in love with ‘Blue’ and he’s willing to come out, if it means meeting ‘Blue’ in the flesh. But ‘Blue’ isn’t sure that he’s ready…

My Thoughts

This was an amazingly light and funny read considering the content. When scrutinized at face value the situations are pretty serious. Ms. Albertalli did a bang up job of keeping my interest piqued through light and funny dialog and how scenarios play out.

The only complaint I had about this book; it was extremely slow getting started. I felt there were a lot of extraneous details in the beginning. I could see that Albertalli meant to use this writing tactic to create personalization of the characters, but it just seemed like useless fluff that I didn’t care about.

It took me about 20% of the way into the story before I started to care about Simon and his blackmail dilemma, and rooting for him to uncover who ‘Blue’ is.

For Kalvin, it was the same, but considerably less – only 3 chapters in for him. (Watch the video review for Kalvin and I’s YouTube review on Fabulous Fiction Reviews. Click here.)

For readers who love well rounded, slightly flawed, yet eccentric and quirky characters, this is the book for you! When the story ended it left me with that oddly, bitter- sweet, satisfying feeling (only veracious readers can relate to) of being torn between loving how it all wrapped up yet also wanting more, more, and more because the characters were just that real!

Would I Read Other Work By This Author?

Lucky for us, Albertalli listens to her fans and Simon’s best friend Leah is getting her own story – due to release April 24, 2018 – “Leah on the Offbeat”. I enjoyed Leah so much as a side character that I did pre-order the book within seconds of closing the cover to Simon vs The Homosapien’s Agenda.

Also this new release by Albertalli is in the LGBTQ YA genre, as Leah is bisexual. Kalvin and I are looking forward to bringing that review to you in May 2018.

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