HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! I wanted to come up with a little craft that was quick, easy, unique, and covert to showcase your pride for the LGBTQ+ community.

Of course the rainbow colors are displayed here in this tutorial but you could make them any color you want! If you end up making this, I’d love to see it! Please tag me on Instagram @this.rainbow.life


  • Several sheets of 12x12 colored scrapbook paper to cut into strips
    • 4 strips of 5 cm wide strips of pink patterned paper
    • 2 strips of 4 cm wide strips of yellow patterned paper
    • 2 strips of 3 cm wide strips of green patterned paper
    • 1 strips of 2 cm wide strips of blue patterned paper
    • 1 strips of 1 cm wide strips of purple patterned paper
  • clear tape
  • silver or white thread and needle
  • sharp object to poke holes in paper such as a polymer clay tool, or large safety pin
  • a 1mm crochet hook
  • scissors


Honestly this one is a little complicated to explain in written instructions. For more comprehensive directions, watch the video!