Three brave explorers are on their way to the wild and dangerous landscape of the urban jungle in a distant land called Phoenix Arizona, three brave explorers go hunting for the rare and elusive specimen for explorer Amy’s very prestigious and exclusive technology collection called – ‘the perfect laptop’.

This is such a rare find that she has been on the prowl for just such a rare specimen for 18 months solid.


Traveling on the road they encounter strange and unusual weather for Arizona. It is snowing and although the weather is ‘treacherous’ – well treacherous for a native Arizonian, it is with solid determination they venture on. Finally the make it down the mountain and the weather breaks into promising skies full of fluffy clouds and bright sunny skies so typical to Phoenix.

They find their way to their first location. It is now with stoic yet brave faces that the three venture into a known populated location called Fry’s Electronics, where these rare specimens have been rumored to have been sighted.Upon close examination in the deep dark yet abounding cavernous location of Fry’s Electronics, they met with an evil village charlatan who seemed to have the explorers best interest in helping them locate said specimen.

However, upon closer inspection they realized he was merely a poacher of unsuspecting and inexperienced explorers’ wallets.

They were unable to ensnare the perfect specimen at Fry’s. While there were many specimens that nearly seemed close to what she was looking for, alas they fell short. After some time trekking around the brave explorers were famished with fatigue and hunger.

They found a familiar old watering hole that explorer Robert and Mary used to frequent in the early days of their lives, fifteen years ago, back in a very different land of Monterey California called Boston Market. After feasting on ‘wild’ urban rotisseries chicken, sandwiches, and pot pies, their courage was renewed and they ventured back into the dangerous Phoenix jungle.

Braving crazy freeway drivers, and apathetic salesmen, they finally made it to the ‘Eldorado’ of Phoenix technology stores, The Scottsdale Best Buy; the biggest known Best Buy location in all of greater Phoenix metro area. The brave explorers wove in and out of isles and finally trekked down two very similar specimens. So similar were the specimens that explorer Amy spent nearly an entire hour questioning the native aboriginal Best Buy salesman about the feeding habits and rituals of both laptop specimens.

There was some debate between all three of the explorers which specimen they should truly capture, but ultimately a decision was made and they all but jumped on top of the specimen before it made a ‘get away’ – (and explorer Amy changed her mind).

Finally making their way to more familiar territory the three very tired yet satisfied explorers found their way back to their village of Starbucks coffee, to settle in, where explorer Amy began her the ritual of cleansing, purging, and bonding with her new specimen.

Ahh… Just another day in the life of Mary B Rose.