As summer winds down to a close…

    I’m getting ready to launch the changes I’ve been contemplating these past two months for the community.

    The first change I would like to announce is, we are now allowing more adult oriented books to be selected in book group. This is not to mean erotica – adult books.

    Not that I have anything against erotic books, but we will still keep the books on topic about raising awareness in the LGBT community and world at large, we are just expanding our options to content that might appeal to a more mature audience.

    I would still like to keep extreme graphic violence and rape to a minimum though.

    The other change you will see

      • Namely I’ll be posting short IGTV videos which compliment my written blog posts and newsletters.
      • I’ll be doing more indie-author spotlights and giveaways to promote authors whose work I feel is credible and deserve more attention then they are getting. (If you are an indie-author who writes in the LGBT market; stories about growth, transformation, or addressing relevant issues, and you would like to be promoted, email me at
      • I’ll be experimenting with some different types of giveaways!
      • As I’m gearing up to launch my debut novel “Ayame,” I’ll be doing a little bit of my own book promotion as well.
      • Lastly, I’ll be making requests for the reading block 1-2 months in advance so I can do the prep work and reading way before hand.

    Help me improve things with your suggestions! If you’d like to give me feedback on any of the changes listed above, or make suggestions of your own, leave a comment below.

    Hope you had a great summer!

    Mary Black Rose

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      I studied writing at the "School of Hard Knocks" and "University of Life" getting my degrees in "Fine Arts of Common Sense" with a minor in "Epic Ass-Handing". Being pansexual I like to write a variety of LGBTQIA characters. You’ll always find diverse ethnicities and sexual orientations, with a pinch of magic thrown in for good measure: or in other words stories about everyday people in fantastic situations. Essentially, I read a lot to keep the voices in my head quiet. I write a lot to keep the voices alive. When I’m not writing, I’m supporting my husband and wife, (yes, you read that right - I’m polyamorous), being caretaker of minions, (losing track of how many - it’s like they multiply), you might find me crocheting, watching Deadpool or South Park again, or attempting to be Defender of The Universe. Slight Disclaimer: All Universes exist within my imagination. Any attempts to access it may result in serious mind-bending alterations. You’ve been warned! Happy reading! Yours, Mary Black Rose

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