Ayame has lived her entire life within the close insular community of the Mormon Church. She is certain that her beliefs are the truth the Universe hinges on. She looks forward to doing God’s will and marrying her fiancé Dallin, despite her reservations about the union.

When her friends throw her a surprise bachelorette party, strange things start to unfold. She consumes an odd drink, given to her by the tavern owner. She doesn’t quite feel like herself, but she feels better than she’s ever felt! She even goes as far as shaking off Mormon tradition by getting a tattoo, something strictly forbidden in her faith.

Not long after the party, Ayame begins to have vivid and inexplicable dreams about Rae, the alluring tattoo artist.

As the dreams steadily intensify, often sexually, she wakes to feel as if they were real events she has lived through. Before long Ayame realizes she is falling is in love with the woman in her dreams.

With each dream she is also further spiraling into an emotional dilemma on dealing with her sexual identity, whether marrying Dallin is in fact God’s will, and not wanting to disappoint her father if she gives into her heart instead of God’s will.

Soon Ayame faces the hardest decision she has ever had to make. Does she choose the God she is still devoted to? Or the woman she loves?

Coming October 1, 2019


It’s not very often I will rally to some other organization’s cause, but ‘Protect Every Child’ is an organization which is rallying against closed door interviews with clergy, sexual shaming interviews, and other related sexual practices in religion concerning children.

They are pushing to have laws put in place to advocate for children who have no voice in these vile practices.

I was one of these children who was abused by their practices. When you read about Ayame’s worthiness counseling, it’s actually toned down from what I experienced in real life.

It’s wrong and it needs to stop. If you agree please sign this petition. Click the button below.