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Hi, I'm Mary Black Rose. I'm an author who writes LGBT adult fairy tales that seek to raise awareness and overcome abuse.

This is my community. In This Rainbow Life you can read my writing, and participate in activities which help unify individuals who seek change in the world, through poignant literature.

Once a month the Rainbow Readers Book Club meets to discuss books with relevant and LGBT themes.

I also frequently post blogs about these topics, and occasionally we have contests and giveaways just for fun.

A Free Book For You

Get a feel for my story telling style. See if it’s your cup of tea! I’ve written a 15k word short story you can download from various ebook retailers completely free.

The Rainbow Readers Book Club

Where we meet?

The Rainbow Readers is a very low key – drop in only as you like – once a month book club. We meet on my Instagram account @ThisRainbowLife the last Sunday of every month to discuss our monthly selection.

How to join?

Free to join – NO obligation to show up – Joining the newsletter is optional. The once a week newsletter reminders will keep you in the loop. Or just follow me on Instagram and add me to your close friends list to be notified of what we are reading next!

Recent blog posts

The Guard by Harri Aburrow-Newman

An Interview With The Author For those out there who are not familiar with you and your work, tell us a little bit about what genre you write, and what your debut novel is about? I mostly write urban fantasy or fantasy, although I am also working on a more literary novel, and my fiction…


As summer winds down to a close… I’m getting ready to launch the changes I’ve been contemplating these past two months for the community. The first change I would like to announce is, we are now allowing more adult oriented books to be selected in book group. This is not to mean erotica – adult…


It’s not very often I will rally to some other organization’s cause, but ‘Protect Every Child’ is an organization which is rallying against closed door interviews with clergy, sexual shaming interviews, and other related sexual practices in religion, concerning children.

They are pushing to have laws put in place to advocate for children who have no voice in these vile practices.

I was one of these children who was abused by their practices. When you read about Ayame’s worthiness counseling in my book, it’s actually toned down from what I experienced in real life.

It’s wrong and it needs to stop. If you agree please sign this petition. Click the button above.

Let's change the world one great story at a time!
Mary Black Rose